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School Dates 2023

Term 1: 2 February -  6 April
Term 2: 24 April - 30 June
Term 3: 17 July - 22 September
Term 4: 9 October -  15 December

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Bell Times
The bell is rung at the following times:

 8.30 am   Start of school

11.00 am  End of morning break

 1.00 pm   End of afternoon break

 2.25 pm   Time to get ready for bus lines

School finishes at 2:30.

Please note our break times have changed this year.   At the end of each break children will have 10 minutes of supervised eating time in their classes before starting lessons. Classes usually have a "brain food break" at 9:30 am.

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Every time a child has been absent from school a note is required explaining the reason for the absence. Please phone school each day your child is absent before 8:30 leaving a message on the answerphone, as it saves us phoning you later. Alternatively, you can send a txt to 027 612 6694. We do this to ensure your child is safe. You can also report an absence via the Skoolloop App. This can be downloaded from your relevant app store.


As a general rule, if you live more than 3.2 kms from school, your child is eligible to use the bus service. We run five buses to school in the morning and four in the afternoon and these run to the four corners of our school zone.
If you live more than 3.2 kms away from school but there is no existing bus going past your house, you can apply for a ‘Conveyance Allowance’ which contributes to the cost of you transporting your child to school.

For more information, please go to:
On our school website, you are also able to access information about the bus runs and bus stops. Here is the link to the EasyBus website:
Once on the site, scroll down to ‘Useful Links’ to find Waipu School.

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Internet Banking Detail
Waipu Primary School BOT

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On-line Library System - Accessit
To access Oliver V the school library system click here.

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To order Stationery click here.

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Accidents and Illnesses at School
Initial treatment will be carried out by teachers.  All members of staff have comprehensive First Aid Certificates. Parents will be contacted should it be necessary for the child to be sent home or to receive further treatment. If we are unable to contact the parents, then it will be the Principals' decision as to whether the injured child will be taken to the doctor.  If possible, parents should supply an emergency number.  Parents will be contacted where a head injury has occurred.

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After School Care - OSCARS

The BOT provide an after school care facility. The programme includes afternoon tea, homework and play.

Costs are: Permanent:  Early pickup (prior to 4pm) - $11.50, pickup by 5.30pm – $15.50  Sessions end at 5.30pm.  Casual:  Early pickup (prior to 4pm) - $13.00, pickup by 5.30pm – $17.00  There will be a 10% discount for 2 or more children from the same family.

NB - If your child is booked in, does not attend and you have not notified the office by lunchtime, then you will be charged. There will be

exemptions for those who phone in with an absence early enough. We prefer payments by Internet banking to this account: 12-3099-0833144-01  

Enquire about Government subsidies available for those with combined incomes less than $90,000.

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Board of Trustees
This elected body meets twice a term. Dates will be posted in the School newsletter. Caregivers and the public are welcome to these meetings which are held at school at 7.00pm. Please advise the Chairperson 5 days prior to the meeting if you wish to raise any matters, as agenda is always arranged and circulated beforehand.

The current Board comprises:

Ella Buckle (Board Chair) 0211181824
Dave Field (Deputy Chair/Bus Transport Network)   
Simon Couper (Finance) ph 4320464
Stacey Dye (Health & Safety) ph 02102420462 
Vaughan Luff (Property) ph 021860010
Glen Waru (Maori Rep) ph 0276439011

Julie Turner (Principal) ph 4320135
Cindy Kane (BOT Secretary) ph 4320135
Glenice Andrews (Staff Rep) ph 4320135

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Dental Therapist
The Dental Therapists serve Bream Bay College, Ruakaka, One Tree Point and Waipu Schools. They usually spend approximately 10 weeks at Waipu and may be contacted at the other times for emergency work. You can also phone 0800 MYTEETH. Phone the school as children may be taken to the nearest clinic in operation for emergency work.

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Physical Education
P.E. is part of the daily curriculum. Please ensure your child / children have suitable clothes and footwear to participate. During swimming season all children must bring appropriate swimwear (togs, towel, bathing cap). If unable to swim a note should be brought explaining why and for how long the child cannot swim.

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This active group meets once a month on the first Monday of the month.  It is responsible for fundraising for a number of school events and for providing opportunities for parents to learn more about the way the school operates. 

For more information, contact: Chairperson Jenni Mansell (021418087). Our Secretary is Dee Field ( and Sonika Barrington is Treasurer.

The annual Waipu Carnival is the PTA’s one main fundraising event on Easter Saturday and we ask that parents support this by helping out on the day and in any way they can, prior to the event.  Joining the PTA is a great way to support the school and to make new friends.


April 2022 PTA Meeting Minutes

September 2022 PTA Meeting Minutes

December 2022 PTA Meeting Minutes

February 2023 PTA Meeting Minutes

March 2023 PTA Meeting Minutes

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School Pool
The school pool is available for use by the residents of the district upon purchase of a key. All children must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years old). A set of rules accompany the key. Keys are available from the school when it is open. Vehicles should be parked at the front of the school.

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Strategic Plan 2022

To view the Waipu Primary School Strategic Plan for 2022 please Click Here.

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Uniforms are compulsory and all children must be wearing them. If there is a very good reason for them not to have a part of uniform children should be given a note to carry and show to staff who ask why they are not in uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at The Warehouse in Whangarei. The uniform consists of a polo top, sports T-shirt and polar fleece plus a range of black shorts, skorts or trousers of their choice. These have WPS embroidered on them. Hats and footwear are of personal choice.  Check the newsletter for a second hand uniform contact.

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